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Posted on 04-26-2014

It's a common occurrence to see women carrying oversized handbags slung over one shoulder on a daily basis. As a result shoulder soreness and stiff necks are on the rise so Chiropractors are tailoring treatments for the bag-obsessed. This pain isn't just while carrying the oversized bags, it is all the time and may even have an impact on the occurrence of headaches.

As our lives progressively become busier than ever, we require more and more necessities to be carried with us. According to David Golden, an orthopedic surgeon, the effects of carrying a heavy purse are similar to those of exercising too strenuously. In most cases this type of pain is only temporary, however carrying 50 pounds or more on a regular basis can cause lasting back damage.

Oversized bags can cause strain on muscles and induce joint pain. Taking an anti-inflammatory and resting injured muscles are a good solution along with switching to a very light bag. While carrying a purse it is recommended to use correct form, keeping the bulk of the weight towards the center of the body and resting the strap close to the neck.

If you suffer from bag induced neck and back pain, talk to a qualified doctor of chiropractic about treatment plans and what you can do relieve your pain. 

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