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Posted on 05-13-2014

It's not uncommon to know neighbors, friends and family who are dependent upon medications to ease their neck or low back pain. Chiropractic care is growing in popularity due to its preventative/wellness  healthcare approach of treating neuromusculoskeletal complaints rather than masking them with medications. As a result, more insurances are including chiropractic coverage as a part of their benefit package.

The average medical office visit costs $60 - $300+ depending on the doctor and nature of the visit. Once you leave the office you are off to the pharmacy to purchase prescription medications that may be harmful to your body and addictive. After everything is totaled, the cost is about $1000. When the medication runs out, the pain returns because only the symptoms were treated and not the cause.

Let's say that instead of seeing your family doctor, you decided to see a chiropractor. A typical visit to a chiropractic office costs between $30 - $60.The chiropractor's goal is to fix the underlying issue so that the pain doesn't return. Pain relief might not be instantaneous like the medicated solution, however initial treatment periods typically last a few weeks.

If you are suffering from neck or lower back pain, visit a qualified doctor of Chiropractic to treat the underlying issues and treat your wallet.

For more information on the cost-effectiveness of chiropractic care, visit: http://www.naturalnews.com/036129_chiropractic_medical_care_cost_effectiveness.html

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